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peter's Journal

Sunday, October 15, 2006

1:30AM - Damn man...

Another one bites the dust. Even though Tower closed their doors in Canada five years ago (after only being open for five years!), its another kick in the face for the music industry. The location that used to be in TO is very much responsible for many of the gems in my music collection, including the CD single for my favourite song of all-time.

Music fans mourn loss of Tower Records

10/13/2006 2:35 PM, AP
Karen Matthews

The news that Tower Records is going the way of, well, records struck a dissonant note with customers as the news sunk in this week that the 46-year-old music retailer has been sold to a liquidator that will close all the stores.

"I feel very sad about it," Ladd Fraternale, shopping in the country section at Tower's East Village store in Manhattan, said Wednesday. "I think they have a great selection here and the service is good."

On Oct. 6, a federal bankruptcy judge in Wilmington, Del., approved the sale of Tower to Los Angeles-based liquidator Great American Group for $134.3 million.

While no firm date has been set for the stores to close, "Going Out of Business" signs went up this week at Tower's 89 stores in 20 states and the chain's 3,000 employees have been told they will be laid off.

The company owes creditors about $200 million and filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in August. In its filing, Tower said it has been hurt by an industrywide decline in music sales, downloading of online music and competition from big-box stores such as Wal-Mart.

CDs were 10 percent off this week, still not a bargain. At 10 percent off the list price of $18.99, Beyonce's "B'day" was selling for $17.09, compared with $9.99 on Amazon. Great American President Andy Gumaer said the discount will increase over the six to eight weeks it takes to close the stores.

At the New York store, Larry Kirwan, lead singer of the Irish band Black 47, was scouring the rock bins and mourning Tower's imminent loss.

"It's a bad day for music," Kirwan said. "It's a bad day for independent bands. ... Right from the beginning, even before we were signed with labels they carried us. They've been good to musicians."

Kirwan said taking music off the Internet is not the same as buying a vinyl LP or even a CD.

An LP or CD is "something real that's not virtual," he said. "It's like music itself. I'm not sure music is virtual. It's real and it's powerful, and I don't think you quite get the same thing from downloading."

Russ Solomon founded Tower in Sacramento, Calif., in 1960 and opened the company's landmark store on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard in 1969. As part of the bankruptcy auction, the Sunset property will be sold for $12 million.

Outside the Sunset Boulevard store, a marquee with a message and REM lyrics said it all: "It's the end of the world as we know it. Thanks for your loyalty." A mock gravestone and Halloween decoration had a single word scratched into it: "Tower."

Norman Labby, who for 20 years drove across town to go to Tower for jazz and classical albums, said he was "frustrated, angry and depressed" that Tower was closing.

"I don't own a computer, I don't know how to work one and don't plan to buy one," he said, holding a bag full of CD's and tapes. "I'm disenfranchised for the umpteenth time."

News of Tower's sale to Great American plunged workers into "immediate sadness," said Ramsey Jones, manning the third-floor cash register at the New York store.

"Business hasn't been great," Jones said. "Downloading, competition from Virgin and your Best Buys and your Wal-Marts. But the thing that people will miss is the deep catalog that Tower has. They can come here and find anything they want."

Jones, a 15-year Tower employee who also plays the drums and has worked with musicians including Vernon Reid of Living Colour, said he has made connections at Tower and met famous customers like Carlos Santana and jazz great Ornette Coleman.

"Customers are going to miss walking into a store and speaking to someone that is knowledgeable," he said. "It's like losing a family member, working here for so long."

Rock critic Robert Christgau said Thursday that Tower often attracted workers who knew about music because they were musicians themselves.

"It doesn't make me happy to see places like Best Buy and Circuit City selling records," he said in a telephone interview. "I'd much rather records were sold at a music store."

Associated Press Writer Noaki Schwartz in Los Angeles contributed to this story.

Current mood: depressed

Thursday, October 5, 2006

6:22PM - Hooj Choons resurrected!

Best news I've heard all year. My alltime favourite record label closed their doors back in September 2003 and at the time I was extremely depressed about the whole thing and it was a big reason for the shift in what I would listen to going forward. I just read that they're making their return. I'm all gitty with excitement so I'm pulling out the back catalogue now/tonight!

Long live the Hoojman :)

Current mood: ecstatic

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

3:17PM - Some day soon

I will have to thank everyone for all the love and support that they have given my family during our time of need. Right now, everything is just so rush rush in an absolute whirlwind because we're rushing to get prepped for the viewing this evening at 7.

In the meantime, here were the hardest words I've ever had to read (until tomorrow when I read the eulogy at the funeral that will be written by my Mom):

KINCH, Ariana Louise Sandi - Our little angel came into our lives on August 10, 2006, and was taken from us too soon. Ariana, who was proudly named after her Afghan and Canadian heritages, passed away suddenly with her Mommy and Papa by her side on Sunday, September 24, 2006 at The Hospital for Sick Children at the tender age of 6 weeks. Loving daughter of Lori and Shafi Kinch. Long awaited granddaughter of Barbara and Alan Kinch, and great-granddaughter of Edna Kinch and Jean Phillips. Adored niece of Paula and Peter. Welcomed into heaven by her great-grandfathers, Herbert Kinch and John Phillips. Ariana will be dearly missed by her large extended family in Northern and Southern Ontario and in Western Canada. The family will receive friends at Paul O'Connor Funeral Home, 1939 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto, on Tuesday, September 26, 2006 from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Funeral services will be held at The Donway Covenant United Church, 230 The Donway West, Toronto, on Wednesday, September 27, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, if desired, memorial donations may be made to The Hospital for Sick Children Foundation, www.sickkidsfoundation.com. Ariana's beautiful big brown eyes and joyful smile will never be forgotten, and our little princess will forever live on in our hearts.

Current mood: numb

Sunday, August 13, 2006

2:28PM - My hideous centipede experience

Ugh, these bastards are fucking annoying me lately and it'll be the one perk of winter when I don't have to deal with them for a while.

This morning when I was wrapping up another teeth brushing session I bent down to spit out the remaining toothpaste. All is well for now, then I go to get a swig of water from the tap and what appears but a motherfucking centipede from the overflow at the top of my sink. This was a large sized one and it was like it was taunting me. It was big enough that it was kinda standing over the hole so when I tried to smack it with someone it had the ability to run back down into the drain. Then it would come back up and try again to escape. For some reason it couldn't and I couldn't kill it. I thus tried to flood it out by filling my sink to the overflow point. Then I put tape over the hole. I don't know what ever happened to the little bastard but I imagine that it got away (minus a few legs which I did manage to get rid of).

I'll save the rest of my crap for a real entry...

Current mood: annoyed

Monday, August 7, 2006

3:30PM - Kinda sucky

How little my immediate family actually knows about me. They're always too consumed with their own lives and the lives of TV personalities/famous people to actually get to know even the basic foundations that make up my life. They know more about the lives of the Breakfast Television co-hosts, The View co-hosts, Brad & Angelina, Tom Cruise, etc. etc. than they do about their own son/brother. And that is sad.

I can't even remember the last time one of them asked "how are you?". I mean I know I've felt like the neglected/forgotten one for a while but its absolutely ridiculous how self absorbed they are. I also feel less inclined to tell them things that others know about me because I don't trust them. They're the kind of people who would hold something I said against me because they're a very petty, small minded clique.

Oh and the complaining - lets not forget about the complaining. They always come to me to complain about things. I honestly don't care about most of the trivial bullshit you wish to discuss these days and I've become more apt to say "honestly... I don't care!" which offends them and makes me look like an asshole. If you want to talk to me, how about trying to get to know me - only then will you actually know that I really don't care about trivial bullshit anymore. I've gone through more emotionally than any of them know about to care about the melodrama.

Now that they're going to be even more consumed with my sister's yet to be born child within the coming weeks and I will finally have the means to get around without having to answer to anyone (I'm buying it this week... finally!), I'm going to start looking for a way to distance myself from them. I just don't like feeling like the odd man out and I don't deserve it. I'm going to move forward with my life and I honestly don't care if they know it or not.

Current mood: irritated

Sunday, July 30, 2006

9:06AM - My worst fears have come true

We're putting my dog down as soon as we possibly can. I don't think there's anything I can even say at this point.

Friday, July 21, 2006

11:48AM - The real question is...

Blue or green. What colour would ppl rather see my hair.

Two down, one to go... yay me :)

Current mood: fucking happy

Friday, July 7, 2006

2:25AM - its dead

or at least in the process of dying in its little bits (over 5 minutes later and its antenna is still twitching). it played a bit of a disappearing act on me i.e. tried to get away but i had an idea of where it was headed... mapped it out and just waited until it made the next move... after a couple of moves it ran at me... had a nice pair of running shoes on but I ended up stomping its brains into my floor with one of my work shoes. may it burn in hell for all eternity. die motherfucker! those nasty things do not deserve to live.

Current mood: content

1:57AM - my huge predicament

there's a fucking massive centipede sitting directly below my computer table. its huge and I mean gigantic. to add insult to injury there have been three others of a lesser size and I only managed to kill two of them *eek*

*five minutes later*
I sit and stare at the motherfucker and it hasn't fucking moved. damnit i hate this.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

11:50PM - So annoyed...

Canada has decided to adopt international standards which means the end of Canadian GAAP. Basically that means everything I'll be learning for these bloody exams will be irrelevant in a couple of years.

Current mood: annoyed

Friday, May 26, 2006

10:59AM - Good news for once...

1 down, 2 to go.

I don't even know if I can put into words how happy I am right now.

8:55AM - I can't fucking do this

Right now I'm absolutely scared out of my mind. I'm so close to being sick its not even funny.

Current mood: frightened

Sunday, April 23, 2006

7:15PM - WTF - I'm not spoiled?!?!?!

Eh, I still think I'm spoiled.

Do you have:
(1) your own cell phone
(2) a television in your bedroom
(3) an MP3 player
( ) a photo printer
( ) your own phone line
( ) TiVo or a generic digital video recorder
(4) high-speed internet access
(5) a surround sound system in bedroom
( ) DVD player in bedroom
(6) at least a hundred DVDs
(7) a childfree bathroom --> only 3.5 months left of that...
( ) your own in-house office
( ) a pool
( ) a guest house
( ) a game room
( ) a queen-size bed or larger
( ) a stocked bar
(8) a working dishwasher
( ) an icemaker
(9) a working washer and dryer
( ) more than 20 pairs of shoes
(10) at least ten things from a designer store
( ) expensive sunglasses
( ) framed original art (not lithographs or prints)
( ) Egyptian cotton sheets or towels
(11) a multi-speed bike
( ) a gym membership
( ) large exercise equipment at home
( ) your own set of golf clubs
( ) a pool table
( ) a tennis court
( ) local access to a lake, large pond, or the sea
( ) your own pair of skis
( ) enough camping gear for a weekend trip in an isolated area
( ) a boat
( ) a jet ski
( ) a neighborhood committee membership
( ) a beach house or a vacation house/cabin
(12) wealthy family members
(13) two or more family cars
( ) a walk-in closet or pantry
(14) a yard - not yet
( ) a hammock
( ) a personal trainer
(15) good credit
( ) expensive jewelry
( ) a designer bag that required being on a waiting list to get
(16) at least $100 cash in your possession right now
(17) more than two credit cards bearing your name (not counting gas cards or debit cards)
( ) a stock portfolio
(18) a passport
( ) a horse
( ) a trust fund (either for you or created by you)
( ) private medical insurance
(19) a college degree, and no outstanding student loans (Degree part in process)

Do you:
(20) shop for non-needed items for yourself (like clothes, jewelry, electronics) at least once a week
( ) do your regular grocery shopping at high-end or specialty stores
( ) pay someone else to clean your house, do dishes, or launder your clothes (not counting dry-cleaning)
(21) go on weekend mini-vacations
( ) send dinners back with every flaw
( ) wear perfume or cologne (not body spray)
( ) regularly get your hair styled or nails done in a salon
( ) have a job but don't need the money OR
( ) stay at home with little financial sacrifice
(22) pay someone else to cook your meals
( ) pay someone else to watch your children or walk your dogs
(23) regularly pay someone else to drive you taxis --> every night past 8pm during busy season
( ) expect a gift after you fight with your partner

Are you:
( ) an only child
( ) married/partnered to a wealthy person
(24) baffled/surprised when you don't get your way

Have you:
( ) been on a cruise
(25) traveled out of the country
(26) met a celebrity --> spoke to Swedish group Roxette on the phone via 680 CFTR back in '90
( ) been to the Caribbean
( ) been to Europe
( ) been to Hawaii
(27) been to New York --> hell yes, and hopefully again this year
( ) eaten at the space needle in Seattle
( ) been to the Mall of America
( ) been on the Eiffel tower in Paris
( ) been on the Statue of Liberty in New York
( ) moved more than three times because you wanted to
(28) dined with local political figures --> my uncle is the mayor of New Liskeard
( ) been to both the Atlantic coast and the Pacific coast

Did you:
( ) go to another country for your honeymoon
( ) hire a professional photographer for your wedding or party
(29) take riding or swimming lessons as a child
( ) attend private school
( ) have a Sweet 16 birthday party thrown for you

Total: 29

Current mood: hungry

Saturday, April 8, 2006

3:29PM - Complaint to Richtree Market Restaurants

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to express my disappointment with a recent experience at one of your restaurants as well as the lacklustre reaction by one of your customer service representatives.

On March 28, 2006, I visited your location at BCE Place for lunch from 1-2pm. I chose Richtree as I have done so many times throughout the past decade (including when it was formerly named Marché), including four prior visits in the month of March alone. I want to explicitly state that Richtree was by far my favourite restaurant and up until this date I had nothing but positive things to say.

The items that I chose to eat at the marketplace were one piece of bruschetta and a barbeque chicken pizza. I’ve had bruschetta every time I have ever been to Richtree as it is by far my favourite item. I had no problems eating this and I know that the problems I later had did not stem from the consumption of this item. I then bought a barbeque chicken pizza as it was my second favourite item at the marketplace. When I started eating this I noticed that it had a different taste than I was used to. Something did not taste right and I cannot pinpoint what exactly it was but since I had this item twice already in March and I had faith in Richtree based on all my prior experiences, I never could have imagined what I would experience later in the day.

About two hours after eating lunch (3:30pm), my stomach started troubling me. This was not any usual stomach ache where a person has slight pains from overeating. I had not been completely filled up from eating so I knew something was bothering me. It bothered me to the point where I could no longer continue working and had to leave work early, not normal for somebody in a large professional services assurance firm in the middle of busy season. My evening was spent laying in severe pain up until 9:45pm. This is when the vomiting commenced. I will spare you the details but the next 24 hours consisted of frequent vomiting to the point where I was near dehydration and I could not even lift my head off my pillow. Within this time frame, I had lost 11 pounds and was unable to keep anything down, liquid or food.
[edited to omit some of the more graphic details]

As a result of my illness, I went to the doctor in the morning of March 30 (the earliest appointment I was able to get). He had concluded that I was hit with a case of food poisoning and advised me to rest until Monday April 3. This resulted in me missing three days of work at the height of busy season for an auditor and also a fourth day on Saturday April 1, where I missed a mandatory training session for the Chartered Accountancy exams.

I spoke to ----, one of your customer service representatives (extension ---) on Wednesday March 30 to express my displeasure with my experience at Richtree. It appeared that she did not believe me and was not exactly what I would call sympathetic. While I understand that she would have to ask me what else I ate during the day (which was dry cereal by the way – something I have consumed every day for the past several years) – she appeared to be in disbelief and said that barbeque chicken pizza was “one of our most popular items” (obviously, as I myself had had it three times in one month) and that “nobody else had been sick or complained about it”. I spoke to her again one week later where she said “I’m sorry that you were sick”. She never once apologized for my experience at your restaurant and denied any involvement by your restaurant. I was personally offended by this and it seemed like her attitude was that I made the whole thing up.

While I would have been concerned about subsequent visits to Richtree, I likely would have returned over time. However, this experience with your customer service representative who offered an unsympathetic response seemed to be like a kick in the face to a loyal customer. I can assure you that I will not be returning to Richtree in the future. As well, both myself and my family have shared my experience with many people who were concerned about my health. Upon them finding out about the lack of responsibility taken and the fact that no remedy was offered with regards to my unfortunate experience, you have lost out on many potential future customers and several loyal customers. I actually had numerous people ask my family and me if I was going to seek legal action to remedy the situation. While I am personally too busy with Chartered Accountancy exams, I mentioned to ---- that several people indicated that I should seek legal action and yet again her response was “I’m just a customer service representative” – obviously she does not realize that customer service representatives are there to serve customers, not to shirk all responsibility with regards to customers concerns.

I hope that Richtree can learn two things from this experience:
(1) Improve product quality and food preparation standards so that customers in the future do not get sick after frequenting their establishment.
(2) The customer service department should include employees who are actually concerned with dealing with customers’ problems that arise.

I would love to once again be a frequent customer of Richtree but my experience has really deterred me from doing so.

Thank you for your time.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

12:23AM - The suffering continues

Why me

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

10:03PM - OMG

I did it again. This time I wasn't so lucky. All over my floor and lots of it - 8 times in 2 minutes. It looks like a fucking war zone in there right now. Why me?

Current mood: *really* sick

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

5:27PM - blech

The first two days of a cold are always the worst. I'm on day one... not looking forward to day 2 tomorrow.


Saturday, June 4, 2005

10:09AM - FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somehow I've been kicked out of my fucking summer courses which I need before I can write my CA exams.

Something is really fucked up in the land of the registrar's office.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

9:25AM - Aw fuck

I'm feeling awful this morning.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

3:56PM - LOL, holy shit

My dad's on TV right now (Pulse24), except they put our last night as Kirch

Current mood: amused

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